Hear it here for yourself. “Helmets were invented to protect from fatalities.” Now wonder 75 years later, we see the internal injuries we do.




Trends 2013

The Biggest Trends in Business for 2013

Remember when virtual reality was all the rage? What about the daily-deal explosion?

We love a good story and a quick cash infusion, but when it comes down to it, we’re far bigger fans of businesses built on a solid foundation — those that can weather the economy’s fits and starts; that can embrace what’s trendy but don’t crash when kids move on to the next big thing; that address the wants and needs of America’s increasingly diverse population.

Our list of the trends we’ve got our eyes on will help anchor your business, present or future, in reality. From cooking up goodies that satisfy America’s growing taste for all things spicy — a sign of our shifting demographics — to helping workers who are locking the door on traditional office setups, these trends are built to last (at least for a while). Consider this a jumping-off point as you envision new products and services — and look at it as a heads-up on evolving ways to manage your current business. Now, to your future.

Which Day Is Best to Send Your Email Newsletter?

Which Day Is Best to Send Your Email Newsletter?.

Are you ramping up your email newsletter to clients and customers but still wondering which day is best to send it out to your list? Prospects may be bombarded with emails, and reading through the clutter of messages is always a challenge. Learn how to ensure your email gets opened and read by your prospects.

In this episode of “The Little Big Show,” small business expert Denise O’Berry shares the mistakes most small business owners make when determining the best day to send email to their mailing list — and shares the important step you must take to determine the answer.

How To Decide Which Day To Send Email To Your Mailing List



15 Favorite Agency Watering Holes Around the Country

Here’s Where Adland Goes to Blow Off Steam After Work

Published: August 23, 2013

It’s no secret that ad folks like a good drink. While so much has changed since Don Draper’s time, drinking in the office hasn’t — it’s a weekly fixture for employees whether it’s at Arnold’s “Barnold,” BBDO‘s “Central Filing” or Peterson Milla Hooks‘ airline drink cart.

But what about where they congregate after hours in town? That all depends on where in the country they’re based. As Courtney Beuchert, CEO of Eleven in San Francisco put it: “Maybe every agency since the Mad Men era has it’s bar — somewhere nearby that feels like home (if home had cool people, music, booze and the feeling that something crazy could happen if you stay too long).”

We asked execs around the country where they like to gather to blow off steam after a tough new business pitch or to celebrate the latest account win. Here’s what they had to say.

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FUTURE FRIDAY: 20 Most Important Inventions of the Next 10 Years

Innovation from RecessionGetty Images


Innovation from Recession

Damian Joseph

Things are looking pretty bleak right now. But, the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. So BusinessWeek asked several futurists, including’s Glen Hiemstra, consultant David Zach, and author Howard Rheingold, to describe what they’d like to see arise from the current downturn. Notably, our experts didn’t think of innovation merely in terms of products or services. These ideas will change the way humans interact with the earth—and with each other.

11 Actions You Can Take Today to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

11 Actions You Can Take Today to Discover Your Life’s Purpose.

11 Actions You Can Take Today to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

By on August 23, 2013Share12

Take a breath, sit back, and imagine for a moment.

You are in the last hour of your life. Your time has come. You have a flashback, it’s your life, from birth to death. The good times, the bad times… It’s all there.

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The World’s 20 Hottest Startup Scenes (Infographic)

BY | August 14, 2013

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Sure, Silicon Valley is still No. 1, but some surprising cities like Sao Paulo, Brazil and Bangalore, India have become successful startup hubs over the past decade. Startup Genome’s Startup Ecosystem Report 2012 ranked the top 20 most active startup scenes in the world based on criteria including funding, entrepreneurial mindset, trendsetting, support, talent and more.

According to data compiled by financial-software firm Intuit, some of the cities even outshine entrepreneurial darling Silicon Valley. For example, 20 percent of Santiago, Chile’s entrepreneurs are women compared with a paltry 10 percent in the Valley.

For the full list and more about the top 20 entrepreneurial cities around the world, take a look at the infographic below.

The World's 20 Hottest Startup Scenes (Infographic)