Sat. Morning Work

Just created a list of everything I need to do today for my business, its going to be a busy fulfilling day. Im starting to receive mail from the different promotional products I bought to create noise. Everything Im doing is going to be a lot of work but I enjoy every minute of it. Watching my business slowly come together is a great experience, I suggest any others who plan to start their own business to make sure they have persistence and self motivation.

Time to get to work! Have a great weekend

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”





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National Black Business Month

National Black Business Month. Whole Article


Celebrating Black Business

Frederick E. Jordan and John William Templeton crusade to raise awareness with a month of recognition in August

Jordan (left) and Templeton

Frederick E. Jordan didn’t have many financing options when he started his engineering and construction management company in 1969. For the first six months, he ran the San Francisco-based business part time out of his home. Today, F.E. Jordan Associates Inc. comprises three offices nationally and trumpets an impressive record of more than 1,000 completed projects, including the resurfacing of President Obama’s street in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Clients include the cities of St. Louis and Chicago, Bank of America, Procter & Gamble, the transportation departments of Washington and California, and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. Jordan’s work in engineering, urban design, and environmental planning stretches across the United States, Africa, and Central America.

In spite of its rough start, Jordan’s company has clearly prevailed. He’s also witnessed a dramatic improvement in race relations in his 41 years in business. One might assume that his success would inure him to the gripes of today’s young black entrepreneurs, but it hasn’t. “Their complaints are valid,” Jordan asserts. “It’s very difficult for black businesses to survive. Their obstacles are enormous.”

In an effort to draw attention to the needs of black entrepreneurs, Jordan, in 2004, teamed up with John William Templeton, president and executive editor of eAccess Corp., a scholarly publishing company, to have August recognized as National Black Business Month.

During the 31 days of August, Jordan and Templeton want local government officials, community leaders, and venture capitalists to focus efforts on creating a more hospitable environment in which black-owned businesses can grow. Jordan believes that supporting black business is the best way to lower the high rate of African American unemployment. “Economically, we’re way behind our ethnic counterparts,” says Jordan, who sits on the board of California’s small business council and is president and chairman of the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce. “Most African Americans are still in a dire economic situation.”

Indeed, since 1990, black households have earned the lowest median annual income of all races. The 2007 median income for black households was $34,000; for Hispanic households it was $39,000; for white households, $52,000; and for Asian Americans, $66,000, according to the most recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

“Our research indicates that there should be 2.5 million African Americans in business, and we only have half that many,” says Templeton. “If you look at the black and white unemployment disparity, the essential idea is, the only way we’re going to get the level of employment we need is to support black businesses.” As of April, the black unemployment rate was 16.5%; the white rate was 9.0%.


National Black Business Month. Whole Article

Good News!!

I think its been almost 2 weeks since my last entry on my business. It has been a hassle trying to get everything in order and especially the finances. For future business endeavors Ill make sure to get that part completed first.  Score with SBA is starting to come through with their loan  application and I have also applied for a business credit card. My mentor said that it should be a last result but I believe this is a great time for me to build my credit.

Also! I just received my business cards last night.



What do you think? These are just the first 250 my next set might have a few slight changes. I cant wait to get this business into production.


To change and grow you have to be willing to be uncomfortable. Quote

Online security goes mobile

Aaron Fields

More research on flash drives.

My Current Delimma

Okay for about a month to the day, maybe even a little longer I have been waiting on my business loan, through Nashville SCORE. Now for those who dont know what SCORE is its a Resource Partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration. If you are thinking of starting a business I recommend speaking with them, they will set you up with a free mentor that has experience in your industry. Without this loan I will be unable to manufacture my product and get it to the public. Now a great woman named Sue M. is helping me get this loan and she is currently doing everything in her power to get the process moving forward. This is our 3rd attempt of this loan because even with perfect credit I dont have enough debt coverage they say, so I need a cosigner. “Thank God for family”, my family offered to help cosign this. They have full faith in what I can and will do with this business and I have full faith that everything will work0ut accordingly. You cant let small challenges through you off course,  you have to have that tunnel vision keeping you on course and you eyes on the goal. 

Now what do I do till i receive my loan. This created an obstacle and an opportunity for me. 

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What Inspires You

Aaron Fields commented on an article
My motivation come from how I see myself in the future. I want to be able to travel and experience new things, take care of my family and help my friends, have a great house, never worry about financial problems, to represent perseverance and dedication, an inspiration to other, wanting to finish my goals that I start and believing that I deserve everything I just spoke on.