My Life My Choices

Hello, I’m Aaron Fields a young entrepreneur who has an interest in a lot of things. I have a strong interest in entrepreneurship, start ups and health & fitness . I have worked in numerous business positions as an intern or employee, I graduated college with a BA in Business Administration and Marketing. All these experiences have helped in me starting my first official business Flashclip. I believe in improving every part of yourself and not just the financial aspects.  I do believe money is a big concern but it isn’t our main driving force. We all understand and see the lifestyle we have and how we want to live.  We also understand that knowing and wanting isn’t enough, we have to act!

How do we do this? This blog will provide beneficial information, articles, documents, quotes and anything else that I feel will not just be helpful to my success but to your as well.  What is your Dream?

First unless you want it to stay a dream, you need to sel what you want as a realistic goal. Before you start writing your goals down and write out your business plan, you should ask yourself, what am I willing to give up for this goal? I ask this because I talk to friends, family and others about my business and then they get into ideas of what they want. Some of the ideas sound great and  I don’t doubt that they could make it happen but are they disciplined enough to?

This is where Opportunity Cost plays a big role, what are you willing to give up to succeed; tv, sleep,  a social life? I’m not saying this will be the case every night  but you will constantly make that decision. Your friends and family may or may not agree with it, but you have to be unwavering in your choices. Most of the people you know probably won’t understand exactly what it takes for you to succeed; I have experienced it countless times. Ask yourself why you want to succeed and let your motivation be about more than money.

These are my reasons:

  • To be able to travel without worrying about financial stability.
  • To be able to provide for my future family when that time comes.
  • To give back to my parents so they can retire and or work because they want to not have to.
  • I want to be that success story and a mentor to young adults and start ups.
  • I want to also be able to really give back and help others in a big way.

Create your list and make sure it provides enough motivation for you to make that decision that will put you on track to triumph. Every morning you wake up and you get out of bed, look in the mirror and visualize whom you want to be.

I would like to end this article with a motivational Youtube video.This video I’m about to provide is a link that provides me with motivation every time I watch it. I’m sure a few of you have seen it and if you haven’t enjoy! Words of Wisdom Will Smith.

A goal is just a dream with a deadline. Napoleon Hill


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